Hilton Metal Forging Ltd eyeing big business for Railway Forged Wagon Wheel

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Hilton Metal Forging Ltd - prominent manufacturer and distributor in the steel forging industry, specializing in products such as for railway forged wagon wheel, flanges, fittings, and oilfield and marine products is eying big business for Railway Forged Wagon Wheel. 

Company has installed capacity to manufacture 48,000 Wheels annually and aims to meet the increasing demand in the replacement market. The Board of Directors proudly announced that the company has successfully developed and supplied railway wheels to the Indian Railways, achieving the distinction of being the first Indian MSME company to produce Indigenous Forged Railway Wheels. The company is now eligible to participate in Global tenders.

Company had initiated development of technically specialized product - Railway Forged Wagon wheel business in early 2022. In the last 18 months the company has supplied more than 2000 Railway Forged Wagon Wheels and Rail Gear Blanks. Company supplies Railway Forged Wagon Wheel for the replacement market across various Indian Railway Workshops in India. With the demonstrated quality and delivery, Railway Forged Wagon Wheel has been approved by the Third Party Inspection agency- RITES Ltd. Hilton Metal Forgings Limited with proven successful track record makes it a strong bidder for the Global Wheel Tender floated by Indian Railways. Company is also looking forward to bigger Railway Forged Wagon Wheel Orders in the near future through tender route.

In a significant development, Jupiter Wagons has placed an order for 250 Forged Wagon Wheel sets with Hilton Metal Forging Ltd as a trial order. Following the successful supply of the initial 250 sets, Jupiter Wagons has issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) for procuring 6000 Forged Wagon Wheel sets  annually, highlighting the company's growing recognition and potential in the market. Additionally, Hilton Metal Forging Ltd identifies other Wagon Manufacturing OEMs as potential clients for Forged Wagon Wheelsets, indicating the company's expanding market reach and promising future in the railway industry.

Company has reported exceptional operational and financial performance over the years. Net Profit of the company for FY23 was reported at Rs. 5.85 crore, 3  fold growth from net profit of Rs. 1.76 crore in FY22. Total income also rise 25% to Rs. 105.4 crore in FY23 as against Rs. 84.2 crore in FY22. Net profit margin of the company has improved to 6.71% in FY23 as against 2.1% in FY22 on account of increase in operating performance.


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