Kirtilals Unveils Exquisite Wedding Collection, "Bandhan"

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Kirtilals, a distinguished name in the world of fine jewellery, is proud to announce the launch of its newest wedding collection, "Bandhan" at their Raja Street and Crosscut Showrooms.  This exclusive ensemble of diamond jewellery is meticulously crafted to celebrate the sacred bond of love, uniting all those integral to the joyous occasion. 

Bandhan is designed to adorn every moment of Bride’s special journey, from Engagement, Mehndi, Sangeet  and Wedding & Reception. Each piece in this collection reflects the craftsmanship and passion that define Kirtilals. The "Bandhan" collection is a testament to Kirtilals' commitment to blending timeless elegance with modern design, catering to the diverse tastes and preferences of today's discerning clientele. From the radiant bride to the supportive bridesmaids, and the dashing groom, "Bandhan" captures the essence of every wedding celebration.

The collection is underscored by breathtaking bridal sets that are meticulously designed to complement the bride's grace on her special day. Each piece is a manifestation of the enduring bond that ties two souls together. Other highlights include sophisticated accessories for the groom and collections for the family. A vast range of designs add a touch of understated glamour to the couple in the spotlight and all the allies. The brand celebrates the family with timeless pieces that reflect their support and friendship. Elegant necklaces, bracelets, and earrings crafted with precision ensure that every member of the wedding party feels cherished.

Suraj Shantakumar, Director – Business Strategy, Kirtilals said, our Bandhan Wedding Collection, a testament to our commitment to capturing hearts and creating lasting connections. In launching this exquisite line, we strategically target our customers by blending tradition with modern flair. In achieving our business goals, we emphasize personalized service, creating an immersive experience for our customers. From curated consultations to bespoke designs, Kirtilals aims to be the trusted partner in our clients' journey towards matrimonial bliss. We are confident that the Bandhan Wedding Collection will not only meet but exceed the expectations of our valued patrons, establishing Kirtilals as the epitome of sophistication, innovation, and unwavering commitment in the world of fine jewelry.

Ms. Seema Mehta, Director – Creative, Kirtilals, expressed her excitement about the launch, stating, "Bandhan is not just a collection; it is a celebration of the diverse relationships that come together in the union of two souls. We've poured our craftsmanship and passion into every piece to ensure that each one tells a unique story." Explore the magnificence of our wedding collection, where every diamond narrates a unique chapter in the grand story of your family's journey together.

“Bandhan" goes beyond the ceremony, offering pieces that become cherished family heirlooms. From intricately designed necklaces to timeless bracelets, these treasures symbolise the enduring ties that bind generations.

The "Bandhan" collection is now available for viewing and purchase at all Kirtilals stores.


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