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Epilepsy is a prevalent condition in India, with approximately 5.59 individuals per 1000 population affected. Children with epilepsy often experience their first seizure at a young age, with 50%-60% of epilepsies beginning before the age of 16. In Madurai, a 13-year-old girl with Lennox Gastaut Syndrome (LGS) presented with uncontrolled seizures for 13 years. 

Dr. SMS treated her and she was under medication for 13 years. Symptoms of LGS include sudden muscle tone loss, limping, falling, brief loss of consciousness, drooping eyelids, head nod, and jerking. The girl had 10-15 seizure episodes a day, and her parents had given up hope of finding a cure when she was admitted to Apollo Speciality Hospitals Madurai. 

Dr. Shyam, a neurosurgeon, decided to proceed with a single-stage Corpus Callosotomy to prevent recurring drops attacks. The team discussed various surgical options and decided to proceed with the surgery after briefing the parents about the procedure and its outcome. This marks a significant milestone in the treatment of epilepsy in India.

Corpus callosotomy is a type of epilepsy surgery that separates the right brain from the left brain to treat seizures when anti-seizure medications are ineffective. When properly evaluated and planned, it can stop seizures or reduce the required drug dose, improving the quality of life. Seizures can still occur on one side of the brain, but they are less severe as they only stay on that half. Post-surgery, the child was completely free of drop attacks from Day 1. Anesthesia for severe seizures can be difficult due to the medications taken prior to the surgery. The anesthesia must be tailored according to the child's condition. Neurosciences at Apollo Speciality hospital brings the latest advances to Madurai and its referral population, with world-class infrastructure and medical and paramedical professionals to handle complex problems. Epilepsy can disrupt life and increase the risk of injury, some of which can be life-threatening. If anti-seizure medications are not effective, surgery is recommended.


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