Century of Cooperative Excellence: K.K.Patti PACCS Sows Seeds of Prosperity in Rural India

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The Kamayakoundanpatti PACCS (K.K.Patti PACCS), for over a century, has thrived as a village cooperative, offering essential agricultural services and credit, and becoming a pillar of prosperity for its community.

Nestled amidst the fertile lands bordering the Mullai Periyar river, K.K.Patti PACCS caters to its members' diverse needs. It accepts deposits, offers agricultural loans, supplies fertilizers at affordable prices, and even provides warehousing facilities. Additionally, the society acts as a Public Distribution System (PDS) outlet, ensuring residents' access to essential commodities. 

K.K.Patti PACCS' success story underscores the power of cooperation in rural development. By effectively catering to their members' needs and ensuring financial stability, the society has cemented its role as a cornerstone of the community. In a rapidly changing landscape, K.K.Patti PACCS stands as a testament to the enduring relevance of cooperatives, offering a blueprint for a sustainable and prosperous future for rural India.

The society's financial health is equally impressive. It has consistently generated profits, averaging Rs.61.71 lakhs in the past five years. This financial strength allows it to distribute attractive dividends to its members, further solidifying their trust and participation.

"The overall performance of K.K.Patti PACCS is truly commendable," said an official of NCCT, the organisation which provides training to cooperatives across India. "They've been our pillar of support for generations, providing timely credit and essential services that have helped us grow our farms and livelihoods."

The people lived in this locale mainly depends on agriculture for their livelihood.  Grapes, Banana, Coconut, Cardamom and Paddy are the major crops cultivated. With the main objective of uplifting the status of these farmers the K.K.Patti PACCS was established in 9th September, 1919 with the membership of just 19 farmers.

The society has kept 5773 members as on 31st March, 2020 of which there are 5667 A-Class members and 106 B-Class members. The share capital of the society stood at Rs.63.55 lakhs. The area of operation of the society is the entire Kamayakoundanpatti revenue village. The percentage of coverage of landholdings by the society is 36%.

The society has been actively involved in offering various kinds of credit facility to the beneficiaries. These include, Short-Term credit to farmer members as Kisan Credit Cards for SAOs, Jewel loans for agricultural and non-agricultural purposes, Medium-Term Loans, Produce Pledge Loans, Loans to Self Help Groups (SHGs) and Joint Liability Groups (JLGs), besides Salary Loan.

The society has declared the maximum permissible dividend of 14% for the last several years. The society has been continuously contributing to the Research and Development Fund (3%) and Cooperative Educations Fund (2%). The healthy owned funds, considerable portion of deposits, steady loan operations, and prudent and efficient funds management have enabled the society to increase its bottom line.

For over a century, the Kamayakoundanpatti PACCS has provided essential agricultural services and credit to its members, becoming a pillar of prosperity for the community. It offers loans, fertilizers, warehousing, and PDS services, all while remaining financially stable and returning profits to its members. This success story highlights the power of cooperation in rural development.

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