BIS Holds Discussion on Indian Standard for Compostable Plastic Bags and Straws

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Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), Madurai as a part of Standards Promotion Activity conducted Manak Manthan – Discussion on Indian Standard on industrial compostable plastic shopping bags & industrial compostable plastic drinking straws, at Kappalur Industrialists Association Hall, Madurai on 28 March 2024. 

The meeting was held in hybrid mode and attended by various stakeholders, Manufacturers, Industry associations, representatives from CIPET Madurai, BIS Officials from Standards formulation department, BIS New Delhi and Faculty and students from PTR College of Engineering and Technology, Madurai.

Management of solid wastes is a problem of growing interest around the world. Increased use of plastic shopping bags can cause several environmental problems, such as terrestrial pollution and contamination of soil, water and marine environment pollution. These pose a severe risk to ecosystems, biodiversity and human health. Industrial Compostable plastics are plastics that undergoes degradation at an industrial scale by biological processes during composting to yield CO2, water, inorganic compounds and biomass at a rate consistent with other known compostable materials and leave no visible, distinguishable or toxic residue. 

Plastic shopping bags and straws made from industrial compostable plastic resin as the main raw material is an environment friendly option and a better alternative to non-biodegradable plastic. Due to their compostable nature, these plastics are popular in the current scenario where every country as well as every industry is making small levels of contribution in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals.

Shri S. D. Dayanand, Senior Director and Head, BIS, Madurai presented the welcome address and explained the program objectives. He informed the participants about the hazards of plastic ingression and excessive usage of plastic bags and targets of SDG by 2030. Indian Standards are being developed keeping in mind these Goals. He invited the participants to give their comments on this draft Indian Standard. Shri Vijaya Bhaskar, Retd. Member Secretary, Tamil Nadu Pollution Control Board inaugurated the program. He elucidated the importance of Compostable Plastics in Mitigation of Plastic Pollution across the globe and particularly within India. Shri P.N.Raghunatha Raja, President, Kappalur Industrialists Association delivered the keynote address. He instigated on the importance of ISI marked products and encouraged manufacturers to apply for BIS certification.

An in-depth presentation on the salient features of industrial compostable plastic shopping bags & drinking straws was presented by Smt. Hemalatha P Panicker, Joint Director, BIS, Madurai. Shri Shivam Dwivedi, Assistant Director, BIS, New Delhi also attended the program. Their expertise guided through the intricacies of the standards and their practical implications.

After the presentation a detailed open house discussion was held and queries regarding the standards were clarified. 


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