CSIR-SERC and CSIR Madras Complex celebrates National Technology Day

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National Technology Day was celebrated with great enthusiasm on 15 May 2024, by CSIR-Structural Engineering Research Centre (CSIR-SERC) and CSIR Madras Complex (CMC).

The function was presided over by Dr. N. Anandavalli, Director, CSIR-SERC and Coordinating Director, CMC. Dr. Chandrika Kaushik, Outstanding Scientist & Director General – Production Coordination & Services Interaction (PC & SI), Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), New Delhi, was the Chief Guest of the function. 

Dr. Anandavalli welcomed all the participants on the eve of the National Technology Day and mentioned that this day is being celebrated since 1999 to mark India’s technological prowess. She briefed on the National Technology Day and said that this day is celebrated every year to commemorate India’s three significant technological achievements namely, to mark the anniversary of the POKHRAN nuclear tests of 1998, first flight of the indigenously designed HANSA lightweight aircraft and the development of the surface to air missile TRISHUL. Referring to this year’s National Technology Day theme - Promoting Clean and Green Technologies for a Sustainable Future, she briefed on the green and sustainable technologies developed by CSIR-SERC and the technological interventions by CSIR-SERC that acted as solutions for complex engineering problems.

Dr. J. Rajasankar, Chief Scientist, CSIR-SERC, introduced the Chief Guest to the audience. Dr. Chandrika Kaushik delivered the National Technology Day lecture on Structures: From Engineering Marvels to Exploratory Science. In her lecture she gave a brief on the genesis of National Technology Day and remembered the achievements of the nation’s scientist, engineers and technologists. Referring to this year’s theme, she said that the scientific community should collectively work towards achieving a sustainable future. 

She spoke in detail on the evolution of structures from primitive to skyscrapers, ancient engineering marvels of Tamil Nadu, engineering structures from research community, evolution of structural material, innovation in structural component technologies, trends in architectural process, bio-inspired structures and tough engineering challenges that lie before us. She highlighted that ancient Indian civilization had rich diversity of structures and created many finest architectural masterpieces that withstood even fierce natural disasters. She called upon the scientific community to collaborate meaningfully and harness the expertise of various organizations to create sustainable solutions for betterment of the society.

Dr. G.S. Palani, Chief Scientist, CSIR-SERC, proposed vote of thanks.

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