Innovation in Women's Health: Healthfab's Vision for the Future

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Menstrual hygiene is crucial not only for the health of women but also for their socio-economic development. However, in many parts of the world, including India, menstrual health is often neglected, leading to significant health and social issues. Education plays a pivotal role in improving menstrual hygiene. Many girls in India miss school during their periods due to a lack of adequate sanitary products and the stigmatization of menstruation. To combat this, numerous organizations and social enterprises have initiated education and awareness campaigns.

Healthfab was founded by three insightful men who recognized a profound gap in the market for menstrual health products that are affordable, effective and comfortable at the same time. These co-founders, driven by their personal experiences and observations, launched Healthfab with the vision to transform women's menstrual health through innovative products. As per the release, their journey began with the idea that no woman should have to compromise on her daily activities due to menstrual discomfort. This vision continues to guide their initiatives and product development, making Healthfab a notable entity in the realm of women’s health. Healthfab's inception and products represent a pivotal shift in the approach to women's health, particularly menstrual hygiene. By focusing on innovative, comfortable, and socially responsible products, Healthfab is setting new standards in the industry.

Healthfab’s GoPainFree Fast Period Pain Relief Cream marks a significant advancement in menstrual care. This herbal cream is crafted to offer instant relief from menstrual cramps, catering to women of all age groups. It is composed of ayurvedic ingredients, ensuring it is free from harmful chemicals and side effects. The cream’s non-sticky and non-greasy formula allows for easy application on the lower belly, back, and thighs, providing rapid relief without the need for pain relief tablets.  The GoPadFree Heavy Leak-proof Reusable Cotton Period Panty  from Healthfab, designed to offer a hassle-free menstrual experience. These panties incorporate a patent-pending leak-proof technology and are made from super comfortable cotton, equipped with layers of microfiber for super absorbency. Unlike traditional menstrual products, the GoPadFree panties are reusable, easy to wash, and provide a sustainable option for menstrual hygiene. GoPadFree period panties have seen a remarkable increase in adoption among Indian women, with over 300,000 customers to date. with its reusable period panty has helped women cut down on plastic sanitary waste by approx. 315 tonnes in the last four years alone.

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