Paragon launches 'Zid, Chalte Rehne Ki' campaign

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Paragon, India’s leading footwear brand, announces its brand repositioning that resonates and reconnects with the core of India. The makeover comes at a point when the brand is going to complete 50 years of its presence in the footwear market. The new brand identity celebrates the unstoppable spirit of the common man with the tagline  'Zid, Chalte Rehne Ki.’ The makeover brings the spotlight on the everyday heroes of our nation, who perseveres through every challenge and make the New India possible through their relentless spirit.

Sachin Joseph, Executive VP at Paragon said  “Zid Chalte Rehne Ki'' embodies Paragon’s core values, honoring the astounding resilience, courage and unending optimism that defines the Indian people. It serves as a tribute to the incredible spirit of Indians. Through this campaign, we are reconnecting with everyday heroes who personify these qualities by ensuring our commitment to stand by their side, providing them with comfort and support. For a long time we have focused on a more contemporary crowd and setting. However, keeping in mind the emotional connection that the masses have for the brand, we decided that it’s time to focus back on the core.”

This is not a repositioning exercise but also a re-claiming exercise. Through this campaign, we aim to let the masses know that Paragon is inspired by them, cares for them and acknowledges their hardships. That Paragon will continue to be their uncompromising silent partner in their journey”, said Rahul Guha, CEO of Turmeriq. 

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