RRU Celebrates the Remarkable Achievement of Student Kabak Yano’s Mount Everest Summit

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Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) is delighted to share the extraordinary achievement of one of its students, Ms. Kabak Yano. Ms. Yano, a student pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Fitness Management at the Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) campus in Pasighat, Arunachal Pradesh, accomplished the remarkable feat of summiting Mount Everest on May 21, 2024.

This achievement stands as a testament to Ms. Yano’s unwavering determination and resilience.

Her successful ascent of Mount Everest not only showcases her exceptional spirit but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for young women across the nation. She became the 5th woman climber from Arunachal Pradesh and 1st woman from her Nyishi Community to achieve such feat. 

Born on September 5, 1999, in Arunachal Pradesh, India, Ms. Kabak Yano is the eldest among two sisters. Her journey to this significant accomplishment has been marked by personal challenges, particularly following the loss of her father in 2022.

The Rashtriya Raksha University (RRU) takes immense pride in Ms. Yano’s achievement and recognizes her as a role model for aspiring individuals, especially women, who dare to dream big and overcome obstacles to reach the pinnacle of success. The student, Yano, drew inspiration from her father, who worked as a casual laborer in the Public Works Department (PWD).

Following her father’s demise, Yano took on the responsibility of supporting her family. To fund her education and household expenses, she engaged in various jobs, such as working as a bouncer, in a beauty parlor, and in the clothing business. These experiences instilled in her resilience and determination, which proved to be vital traits in her pursuit of mountaineering endeavors.

Yano’s preparation for conquering Everest was meticulous and well-structured. Her daily routine involved rigorous physical training comprising cardiovascular exercises, strength training, and high-altitude acclimatization. Coupled with a disciplined diet regimen, she collaborated closely with a team of trainers, doctors, and fellow climbers. This support system provided both the physical conditioning and mental fortitude necessary for such an arduous undertaking.

She undertook the daunting challenge of climbing Mount Everest, which presented her with immense physical and mental obstacles. She encountered extreme cold temperatures, unpredictable weather conditions, and the constant threat of altitude sickness throughout her journey. Additionally, the financial burden of the expedition weighed heavily on her; she had to work multiple jobs to save up for the climb while dedicating herself to rigorous training.

During her ascent on Mount Everest, Yano faced perilous obstacles such as navigating through the treacherous Khumbu Icefall, avoiding dangerous crevasses, and coping with the thin air at high altitudes. Despite these formidable challenges, Yano’s unwavering determination and the memory of her father served as powerful motivators that propelled her forward towards her goal.

Yano drew inspiration from Abraham Tagit Sorang, a renowned mountaineer from Arunachal Pradesh. His remarkable achievements and dedication to mountaineering served as a source of motivation and guidance for Yano throughout her preparation and eventual success in conquering Mount Everest.

The student, Kabak Yano, embarked on her journey to Mount Everest on March 27, 2024, departing for Kathmandu. After thorough preparation, she arrived at the base camp on April 17, 2024. Despite facing technical delays, Yano successfully reached the summit on May 21, 2024, surpassing her original scheduled summit date of May 17, 2024.

Kabak Yano’s conquest of Mount Everest stands as a testament to her unwavering perseverance and determination. Her inspiring narrative serves as a beacon of motivation, illustrating that no aspiration is too grand and no obstacle is insurmountable. Yano aims to advocate for the significance of physical fitness, mental fortitude, and pursuing one’s passions.

Her expedition symbolizes hope and resilience, encouraging individuals from all walks of life to chase their dreams with fervor and dedication. In acknowledgment of Yano’s accomplishments, Rashtriya Raksha University intends to support her future pursuits through advanced training opportunities, educational assistance, and potential teaching roles. The university aims to utilize her story as inspiration for other students to pursue their aspirations.

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