TNAU inaugurated Hands-on training on Plant Tissue Culture Techniques

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Tamil Nadu Agricultural University’s Department of Plant Biotechnology, Centre for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, organizes Hands on Training on Plant Tissue culture Techniques during 13th to 17th May, 2024. In this training 19 trainees from Tamil Nadu, Maharastra and West Bengal have registered to gain knowledge and practical experience on basic tissue culture skills and micropropagation of commercial crops. The training comprises of five theory sessions and nine practical sessions. 

The theory sessions provided an overview of plant tissue culture techniques while the practical sessions provided hands on experience on establishment of commercial tissue culture laboratory, stock and media preparation and basic tissue culture techniques like media preparation, embryo culture, meristem culture, nodal culture, callus culture and suspension culture. 

These sessions were handled by the experts from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Sunglow Biotech Private Limited, Sugarcane Breeding Institute, Institute of Forest genetics and Tree Breeding, Coimbatore. The sessions were designed for participants to practise inoculation, subculturing, multiplication, rooting and hardening in banana, sugarcane, dendrobium, bamboo and teak. The final session on genetic fidelity testing trained the participants on identification of true to type, uniform and virus free planting material.  

Dr.N.Senthil, Director (CPMB&B) and Dean (SPGS) delivered the inaugural address and highlighted the significance of plant tissue culture techniques in agriculture. Dr.E.Somasundaram, Director, Agri Business Development, shared his experience with entrepreneurs and motivated the participants towards initiating tissue culture industry. Dr.E.Kokiladevi, Professor and Head, Department of Plant Biotechnology, emphasized on the applications of tissue culture techniques. Dr.R.Renuka, Professor and training coordinator, delivered the vote of thanks. 

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