Annual Kharif Oilseed Group Meet 2024

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The inaguration programme of Annual Kharif oilseeds group meet  was conducted at TNAU, Coimbatore on 09.07.2024. The programme was jointly organised by Center for Plant Breeding & Genetics and ICAR Indian Institute of Oilseed Research, Hyderabad. Dr.M.Raveendran, Director of Research, TNAU welcomed the gathering and appraised about oilseeds production status of world and India. 

The ADG(O&P) , Dr.Sanjeev Gupta, ICAR, New Delhi breifly elaborated the significance of oilseed crops  viz., Sesame, Sunflower,Castor and  Niger. He insisted multi-enviornment evaluation to find out  trait specific genotypes and inturn broaden the genetic base to create the breeding hub. He emphasised to identify the hotspot of biotic stresses to evaluate the breeding lines for confirmatory screening. 

Brief presentation of overall achievements of AICRP on Castor and Sunflower was presented by Dr.R.K.Mathur, Director, ICAR-IIOR, Hyderabad and for AICRP on Sesame and Niger it was presented by Dr.Anand Vishwakarma, Project Coordinator, AICRP on Sesame and Niger Jabalpur. The Presidential address was given by Dr.T.R.Sharma, DDG(CS), ICAR, New Delhi, who appreciated the Project coordinators of oilseed crops for the achievements made during 2023-24. He insisted the oilseeds scientists to use the Molecular tools to develop the mapping populations for major pests and diseases. He also suggested to use the sesame phyllody resistant genotypes available at NBPGR, Trissur for development of phyllody free sesame varieties. He emphasised the oilseeds breeders for Ideal Plant Architecture(IPA) for improving plant type for synchronised flowering and maturity , good branching pattern and for mechanical harvest. 

The chief guest of the AGM honorable Vice Chancellor Dr.V.Geethalakshmi, TNAU emphasised about the oilseed varieties, technologies released so far pertaining to the oilseeds. She also instructed to develop the climate resilient high yeidling short duration region specific varieties suitable for mechanization and also insisted to improve the productivity and identify the efficient cropping zone for different oilseeds. 

During the programme new publications were released by the officials which include, sesame crop cultivation, Potential oilseed technologies and Annual report on Sesame, Sunflower, Castor and Niger. The programme ended with formal vote of thanks by Dr.R.Ravikesavan, Director, CPBG, TNAU, Coimbatore. 

More than 150 scientists involved in Castor, Sunflower, Sesame and Niger research from all over India, attended the Annual Kharif Oilseed Group Meet 2024. The program is scheduled for two days from 09th July to 10thJuly 2024. 

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