Empowering MSMEs in Coimbatore: Unleashing the Power of Justdial for Business Growth

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The MSMEs of Coimbatore, the second largest city in terms of GDP in the state of Tamil Nadu, contributed to around $18 Billion to the state’s overall GDP in 2021.

As the business landscape changes, and digital marketing becomes the go-to marketing media, it has become essential for organizations to adapt to online marketing. With the ever-growing number of internet users and the shift towards online consumption, businesses that have embraced online marketing early on have reaped substantial benefits.

One such business, Easy Gulf Certificate Attestation Services, run by Ms.Geetha, started its operations in 2010. Being the first business in Coimbatore for attestation services, the business had the potential to become the go-to option for customers looking for these services. This potential was realized with the help of Justdial. Ms Geetha spoke about how the platform expanded Easy Gulf’s reach and translated this reach into valuable inquiries. From listing on the platform for free, Easy Gulf now does business of up to INR 3 Lakhs annually with Justdial.

Palanisamy, another businessman from Coimbatore’s neighbouring city of Erode, and the owner of Shakazhra Home Care, started a home care service without knowing how to reach customers effectively. However, after discovering Justdial, he found it to be a useful platform to promote his business on a significant scale. He credits the platform for efficiently promoting his services and generating good leads, comparing it to a lighthouse that guides him to success. Because of a positive response, the value of his contracts with the company has multiplied 10x, and he has now expanded his services to surrounding areas including Karur, Trupur, Namakal, Gopichetipalayam, Iniruchengodu, and Coimbatore.

Emphasizing on Justdial’s ability to provide direct connection with customers, Mr. Mithin Mohan, owner of Chikitsa Homeopathy in Coimbatore said, “Having been associated with Justdial for a year, I have realized that when it comes to the digital mode, it is vital for a customer to find relevant results for their search queries. This is exactly what Justdial masters in, through its superior search algorithm.”

In today's digital age, businesses of all sizes, providing all kinds of services, must adapt and embrace online marketing to stay competitive and foster growth. Early adopters of online marketing have witnessed remarkable success by capitalizing on the immense opportunities presented by the virtual landscape. Justdial, with its range of services and its commitment to empowering businesses, has emerged as a vital online marketing tool. By leveraging this platform, businesses can enhance their digital presence, reach their target audience effectively, and achieve significant growth in the evolving business landscape.


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