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GoDaddy Data Observatory finds 62% of Indian small businesses use a website

GoDaddy Inc. (NYSE: GDDY), the company that helps entrepreneurs thrive, released the survey findings from its GoDaddy 2023 Data Observatory today. The GoDaddy survey studies the current state of small businesses internationally, including India, with the first set of results focused on how entrepreneurs and small business owners run their business. 

Globally, 46% of small businesses surveyed reported launching in the last 1-5 years, with India recording 55% of small businesses in the same period. The survey indicates that 83% of Indian small businesses started selling online in the past 5 years. Indian small businesses are also most active in starting their business online with actions that includes building social media profiles (35%), online advertising (34%) and personal contact with potential customers (33%).

“The survey results showcase that small businesses in India recognize the value of taking advantage of online tools for enhanced growth opportunitiessales. A robust online presence with tools that complement each other to work together is essential for gaining a competitive edge in today’s ever-evolving online marketplace. GoDaddy is committed to empowering small businesses in India through its comprehensive suite of offerings and digital solutions, along with expert customer care to help entrepreneurs reach a wider audience, boost their online visibility, and drive growth,” said Apurva Planitkar, Senior Marketing Director for GoDaddy India.

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