Indeed lists the Top 5 Skills required to land a well-paid Delivery Executive Job

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With emerging job opportunities in the e-commerce, logistics, transportation, and hospitality industry, there is a massive increase in both demand and interest for delivery allied jobs. In fact, from April 2021 to April 2023, job interest in this field shot up by 68% according to platform data by Indeed. What is even more interesting is that traditionally, these jobs were only limited to metro cities, but today tier 2 and tier 3 cities such as Ernakulam, Coimbatore, and Tiruchchirappalli too offer lucrative career opportunities.

Most blue-collar job roles today are driven by job skills, rather than job experience. This means that someone with less experience can still find work if they have the right skills. So, what are some of the soft skills needed to land a well-paid delivery executive job role? Below are the top 5 skills according to Saumitra R Chand, Career Expert, Indeed India and Singapore.

Communication and interpersonal skills: Being a customer facing role, delivery executives must display effective communication skills to interact with customers, colleagues, and vendors. This does not entail that one must speak eloquently, but fluently enough to comprehend and communicate basic conversation in English or local languages. One must possess soft skills to deal with disgruntled customers and should be polite, courteous, and able to handle customer complaints and queries.

Navigation Skills: Most delivery executive roles require the ability to drive a two-wheeler. Therefore, a valid driver's license and good driving skills are essential. While most companies spend time investing in training for basic technology skills like GPS navigation, being familiar with local addresses, streets and routes is a major plus point for job seekers. In addition, delivery executives need to be able to adapt to changes in traffic, road closures, and other obstacles that may arise during their delivery route. They should be able to quickly find alternative routes and adjust their plans accordingly.

Ability to organize and manage time efficiently: Oftentimes, there may be logistical errors in warehouses or restaurants that may affect deliveries beyond the control of executives. However, it is important for them to be able to manage time effectively to ensure that packages are delivered on time, keeping several external factors in mind. They should be able to plan their routes efficiently and make deliveries within the specified timeframe.

Basic computer skills: In some cases, delivery executives may need to use a computer to update delivery records and track packages. They may also be required to put together reports and make data entries. Therefore, basic computer skills such as typing, composing emails, familiarity with certain computer software, using mobile applications, etc. are essential. 

Attention to detail: Be it services pertaining to food, groceries, retail, or online shopping, delivery executives should have a keen eye for detail to ensure that packages are delivered to the correct address. The information on the packaging is further cross-checked and reviewed, hence delivery executives must certify that all necessary documentation is completed accurately. They must have a thorough knowledge of product packaging and organizing to make sure the product reaches the customer as it was sent. They must also be extra mindful whilst handling fragile items and make sure the items do not get damaged or misplaced.

Delivery personnel typically earn an average base salary of ₹16,261 per month. However, earnings may vary based on a range of factors including experience, skill set, educational qualifications, geographical location and the organization. Demonstrating a proven track record of delivering orders efficiently and receiving positive feedback from customers can also lead to promotions to higher positions with increased salaries and additional benefits. As the gig economy continues to rise at a rapid pace, delivery executive job roles remain the most attractive gigs for job seekers in India. 


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