Asian Paints creates floral magic, unveiling India’s Largest Pookalam to grace Onam celebrations

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The auspicious occasion of Onam has arrived, ushering in a time of celebration, joy and a strong sense of togetherness that binds the community. In the spirit of embracing this unity, Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard orchestrated the creation of India’s largest Pookalam, paying tribute to Kerala’s rich cultural heritage. The Pookalam was set up at the Calicut Trade Centre in Kerala. 

Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard is widely renowned as the ‘toughest paint for floors’ with a rich sheen finish. Ahead of the event, the floor of the Calicut Trade Centre was painted with Apex Floor Guard. The lustrous finish of the paint served as the perfect background for the 40,000 sq. ft. Pookalam that was creatively assembled on top. The Pookalam was designed to take the form of King Mahabali, the legendary King central to Onam celebrations, and Apex Floor Guard with its exceptional durability and smooth finish, provided the best floor for the Pookalam and the welcoming of the King. 

Crafted using fresh flowers and petals, Pookalam is a cherished Onam tradition that plays a significant role in the festivities. Putting together the magnificent 40,000 sq. ft. floral carpet was a remarkable feat, made possible by the dedication of numerous volunteers. Joyful faces collaborated for two hours placing tonnes of flowers of varied colours, culminating in the creation of India’s largest Pookalam and a new record. The lively ambiance of putting together the glorious floral arrangement enhanced the festival's profound significance for everyone involved.

The 40,000 sq. ft. Pookalam not only crossed past records but also earned its place in the prestigious pages of the Limca Book of Records as India’s largest.

Gracing the occasion were Government officials and well-known celebrities like Esther Anil, Malavika Menon and Nithya Das. The organisers also hosted a series of Onam-centric traditional dance performances to engage the audience. Once the Pookalam was completed, the area was open to the public to view the beautiful design and take pictures and selfies.

Speaking on this auspicious and landmark occasion, Mr. Amit Syngle, MD & CEO, Asian Paints Limited, said, “At Asian Paints, we are excited to join the Onam celebrations this year with a king-sized gift that truly befits the grandeur of this festival by welcoming King Mahabali in the most majestic way possible. Our tribute comes in the form of India's largest Pookalam designed over a floor painted with Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard. Just like the festival, our floor paint is a testament to durability, strength, shine and an exceptional finish – qualities that truly match the spirit of a king. We wish all of Kerala a joyful and prosperous Onam!"

Traditional Kerala homes feature extensive verandas and courtyards serving as gateways to welcome guests and spaces where families gather to celebrate occasions big and small. Asian Paints Apex Floor Guard not only adds a colourful layer to these spaces, but also ensures that heavy wear and tear won’t impact their beauty. Apex Floor Guard comes with exceptional durability and a wide array of performance properties tailored to suit application needs. It's the protective layer every flooring deserves. 


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