Devadoss Hospital launches the CUVIS Joint Robot System for Precise and Rapid Joint Replacement Robotic Surgery

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Devadoss Hospital, Madurai’s leading multi-specialty Hospital and experts in emergency care services is proud to announce the launch of the CUVIS Joint robot system for artificial joint surgery. CUVIS Joint Robot Systems is one of the most advanced robot machines in the world. 

Over a period of time, with more patients getting to know about the CUVIS Joint Robot System, patients who undergo joint replacement surgery can increase substantially as Devadoss Hospital is the only Hospital in Southern Tamil Nadu to have this robot system ensuring patients need not travel to other States or even to Chennai for robotic surgery.

“CUVIS Joint Robot System is the most advanced surgical equipment capable of 3D pre-planning, virtual surgery, and precise cutting to provide accurate and precise surgery results. It is a user-friendly surgical robot equipped with the values of innovative, flexibility and easiness of use with the basic offering of accuracy and safety at its best,” said Prof. Dr. A. Devadoss, Chairman, Devadoss Hospital.

“Compared to conventional surgery which a doctor performs, in this scenario, the robot shows the patient’s bone in 3D images, helping the doctor to use those images for pre-planning of surgery. One must understand every person’s bone structure is different from others so, we need every surgery to be personalized and pre-planned for that patient only. More importantly, there is a precise surgical plan making the doctor use the robot to select an artificial joint for the patient and insert it accurately,” Dr Devadoss added.

Highlighting the added benefits of the robot surgery when compared to conventional surgery, Dr. Sathish Devadoss, Vice Chairman, Devadoss Hospital said, “There is a remarkable reduction in side effects like inequality of limb length, pulmonary embolism, and fracture. Even the risk of infection is reduced because of fewer instruments in use than in conventional surgery,”.

As the system is an imported and extremely expensive, the costs of surgery when compared to conventional surgery may be higher initially, but the tremendous benefits of the pre-surgery, surgery and post-surgery far outweighs the costs.

Expanding on the cost savings, Dr Sathish said, “With extreme robot precision up to nano millimeters, the time for healing and recovery for a patient is far quicker. Also, the risks of contracting infections is reduced while staying in a hospital, even the bed stay comes down from the earlier 10 days to just 1 day. They can start walking on the same day after surgery. For the elderly whose joint replacements due to joint wear and tear, or elders with sports injuries, and housewives who have a domestic fall or an accident, it is vital they are back on their feet at the earliest. Now, for each and every one of them, a solution is at hand with our machine,”.


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