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The Navaratri celebrations are not complete without the excitement of the 'Bommai Kolu'

For those who have traditionally had this festival as a part of their lives, it translates to endless visitors, singing, thaamboolam, excited talks of which saree to wear on which day, traditional sweets & savories offered as Naivedyam to the Gods; only to be eagerly devoured by us mortals. 

Celebrating life and revering the divine in every being and creation, in the form of these dolls; inanimate yet so full of life, with their expressions & vibrant colors is what the 'Bommai kolu' is all about. 

Painstaking work happens for 365 days with such passion by the Master Craftsmen, to keep this tradition alive for 9 days. With less and less families celebrating such traditions, many craft clusters are seeing the end of their work. 

We at the Crafts Council of Tamilnadu make a humble attempt at bringing back the subtlety of colors and beautiful craftsmanship of the yesteryears, by working with two doll making clusters in Coimbatore district. We also bring to you Artisans with their dolls, from all over India. These will be on exhibit and sale. 

We look forward to seeing you and sharing a glimpse of the 'Bommai kolu' as we knew it.

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