Britannia Milk Bikis unveils campaign #GrowthNeedsBoth

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Britannia Milk Bikis has remained a constant companion to kids offering both nourishment and taste for decades. For its latest campaign in Tamil Nadu, conceptualized by Lowe Lintas Bangalore, the brand emphasizes how the equal and active contribution of both parents plays a vital role in enriching a child's overall success.

Spearheading the ‘Growth Needs Both’ Message, the campaign features Prithi Ashwin, her husband, Indian cricket legend R. Ashwin alongside their two daughters. The campaign aims to bring about a mindset shift in the arena of parenting and highlight the importance of collaborative parenting. It highlights the combined efforts of both parents as equal partners in ensuring the holistic growth and nourishment of their child.

Amit Doshi, Chief Marketing Officer at Britannia Industries said, "Much like Milk Bikis,  We have designed the campaign to go beyond traditional parenting norms and celebrate true parenting partners, where both, the mother and the father contribute equally to their children’s lives. We are proud to onboard Prithi and Ashwin to deliver the ‘Growth Needs Both’ message, and hope it inspires families across to progress from traditional familial roles."

On the campaign and the importance of their message, Prithi & Ravichandran Ashwin, "Parenting is all about teamwork,  We fully stand by the Milk Bikis approach that ‘Growth Needs Both’ and feel proud to be able to propagate the message of equal contribution towards our children’s growth."


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