Isha's Save Soil Movement Offers Free 3-Month Organic Farming Training

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Isha's Save Soil movement is offering a free 3-month field training in organic farming for the benefit of youth interested in organic farming. Young people participating in this training can learn all the fundamental aspects of organic farming at the Isha Organic Farm in Coimbatore. Food and accommodation will be provided for free during this time.

Swami Srimukha, the Tamil Nadu Coordinator of the Save Soil movement, said, “There is a growing interest in organic farming, and many young individuals have begun engaging in it. However, due to a lack of proper guidance and hands-on experience, a significant number of them face challenges and setbacks. To address this, a 3-month organic farming training program has been designed, allowing participants to learn and practice the essential aspects of organic farming.

“In this training, we provide the basis for organic farming by raising indigenous cows for manure, producing various organic inputs from cow dung and urine, using simple agricultural tools, and initiating the process of seed germination for over 25 crops, including greens, vegetables, tubers, and paddy.”

The program aims to provide practical knowledge and experience to the participants, enabling them to overcome the challenges faced in organic farming. The 35-acre Isha Organic Farm serves as a learning ground, incorporating organic farming principles, soil quality improvement, and various sustainable practices. Participants have the opportunity to observe and learn from experienced farmers in the field. 

The next 3-month training will start from January and continue until March. Young people (between 23 and 40 years of age) who want to participate can contact 9789498792 by December 25.

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