King Khan launches the NEW & IMPROVED Tide with boosted stain magnets

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Tide®, the World’s No. 1* detergent brand, has announced an iconic new partnership as it continues its history of delighting consumers with superior laundry solutions. The last decade has witnessed Tide's commitment to innovation through a host of initiatives, including the launch of new wash care solutions like Tide Matic Liquid and Tide PODS. At the core of Tide's promise is the dedication to irresistibly delight consumers. 

Recognizing the significant shifts in consumer habits, from evolving wardrobes, food consumption habits, stain incidents to changing lifestyles, Tide is relentlessly focused on the consumer needs for upgraded laundry solutions. In response to these changes, the NEW and IMPROVED Tide, equipped with boosted magnets, is designed to effectively tackle deep-seated stains like tea, coffee, oils & gravy, ensuring an outstanding clean. 

In this endeavor, Tide an iconic brand, has chosen to partner with another beloved Indian figure, Shah Rukh Khan, uniting in a joint commitment to delight fans and consumers. King Khan's relentless pursuit of perfection and undeniable excellence serves as the cornerstone of Tide's consumer promise. The NEW and IMPROVED Tide brings this shared commitment to life through a memorable new campaign.

At the heart of this transformative launch, lies a captivating partnership with the iconic Shah Rukh Khan! The superstar has joined Tide India, as a brand ambassador to endorse Tide as the ‘asli/real SRK – Stain Removal King’. Speaking on the partnership, King Khan said, “This collaboration with Tide is not just about endorsing a brand; it's about a shared commitment to perfection, and the relentless pursuit of excellence. I am glad to have joined in this first of its kind partnership and recommend Tide as the ‘asli/real SRK’. Tide’s New and Improved performance and its ability to remove stains will delight consumers on their laundry needs”.

Sharing on his experiences in the shoot, King Khan added: "I have seen Tide’s iconic ‘swoosh’ and the “Chaunk Gaye” many times. A reminder of the outstanding clean offered by the brand. It was fun to be a part of it and bring it to life in my own way. It's not just an entertaining element but demonstrates Tide’s stain removal expertise."

Mukta Maheshwari, Chief Marketing Officer, P&G India; and Vice President, Fabric Care, P&G India  spoke on this new partnership: “P&G, home to the world's no 1* detergent brand, is committed to solving everyday consumer needs with superiority that drives brand preference. We're delighted with the partnership with Shah Rukh Khan and his endorsement of the New and Improved Tide as the Stain Removal King. Tide, the world's number one detergent brand, is focused on offering laundry solutions that delight consumers every day where it matters most. In this continued endeavor, we're thrilled that Tide has upgraded to remove deep-seated stains and offer an outstanding clean on the toughest stains. We are delighted to have SRK recommend Tide as the ‘asli/real SRK – Stain Removal King’ to consumers and fans across the country."


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