Asian Paints unveils vibrant ‘Tribute to Tamil Nadu’ initiatives this pongal

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Asian Paints intimately captures the spirit of Pongal, creating a canvas that resonates on a personal level with the people of Tamil Nadu. In a heartfelt tribute to Tamil Nadu's rich culture and creativity, Asian Paints unveils initiatives that showcase the soul of the state. The special heritage-inspired festive pack of Asian Paints Royale Glitz, their luxury interior emulsion, adds colour and becomes a bridge to tradition.

Adding to the festive cheer, 22 MTC buses have been transformed into art showcases adorned with designs inspired by the Asian Paints Royale Glitz special edition festive packs. 

Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage is woven with the threads of ancient temples, performance and fine arts, and timeless Tamil architecture. And Asian Paints’ special Festive Pack of Royale Glitz pays homage to these cultural cornerstones. Equipped with the in-mould labelling (IML) packaging, the Asian Paints Royale Glitz festive pack features an exciting Augmented Reality (AR) feature. By scanning the QR code on the pack, consumers will be taken on a delightful journey through the heritage of Tamil Nadu via a musical symphony titled 'Tribute to Tamil Nadu'. The video that has been released digitally is a captivating walkthrough of the many marvels of Tamil Nadu from the Meenakshi Temple to the Thanjavur Palace with a catchy beat in the background -

In collaboration with XXL Collective, Asian Paints is enriching the urban landscape by turning the city’s buses into moving art canvases starting this festive season. The makeover of 22 MTC buses constitutes the transformation of the exteriors and the interiors inspired by the design of the Royale Glitz Festive Pack. 

Embarking on a journey through tradition, the two extravagant buses have been revamped inside out. They will be running on the route 21G from Broadway to Kilambakam weave a personal connection with Tamil Nadu’s soul. It's not just a ride; it's an emotional voyage, a celebration of heritage that resonates with the hearts of the people. The other 20 buses adorning the myriad elements from the festive pack will reach different corners of Chennai through the A1, E18, 7H, 40A, 109,102X and 23 C routes.

Speaking on this occasion, Mr. Amit Syngle, CEO and MD of Asian Paints Limited, said, “Asian Paints has been a part of the homes, festivities and culture of Tamil Nadu for decades. The rich culture of the state has inspired us to do something truly special this year - our first-ever festive pack of Asian Paints Royale Glitz inspired by the rich culture of Tamil Nadu, and the transformation of 22 MTC buses into moving canvases. We wholeheartedly embrace the spirit of Pongal, and these initiatives are our gift to the people of Tamil Nadu, adding to the celebrations of this diverse and vibrant community."


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