Profound Devotion Marks Thaipusam Festival Celebration at Linga Bhairavi in Isha

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The Thaipusam festival at the abode of Linga Bhairavi in Isha was celebrated with profound devotional fervour. To mark the festivities, hundreds of women devotees participated in a procession and dedicated their mulaiparis to Goddess Linga Bhairavi, an ultimate manifestation of the Divine Feminine.

The Mulaipari procession started at 6:30 AM from Kallipalayam near Alandurai. Going beyond any discrimination based on caste, religion, or any other kind, local villagers, tribal people, Devi devotees from different Indian states, and overseas came together to participate in this pilgrimage. Devotees pulled the chariot of Lingabhairavi Thirumeni, which was crafted in Mulaipari, while men carried Sakthi Karagam and followed in the procession.

The devotional fervor was on enthusiastic display as local villagers at Alandurai, Iruttupallam, Semmedu, Malai Vasal, and other places accorded a warm welcome to the procession. The pilgrimage reached the abode of Linga Bhairavi Sannidhi around 12 noon and culminated with an offering of Abhishekam to the Goddess.

On the sacred day of the Thaipusam festival, many devotees offered grains, coconuts, and ghee lamps to the Goddess to receive her grace. Additionally, today marks the culmination of the 21-day fasting observed by thousands of people as part of the 'Bhairavi Sadhana.'


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