CEAT launches SPORTRAD and CROSSRAD tyres for High Powered Motorcycles

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CEAT, a leading tyre manufacturer, has taken the performance of its two-wheeler tyre range to a higher level with a new range of steel radial tyres, SPORTRAD and CROSSRAD. This premium range of steel radial tyres is specially crafted to unleash the full potential of high performance motorcycles. 

The SPORTRAD series is designed for high speed and cornering; while the CROSSRAD is a multi terrain high grip tyre. Steel Rad tyres feature a steel-belted radial construction, providing superior handling at high speeds. The CROSSRAD series is compatible with motorcycles such as Yamaha FZ Series and Suzuki Gixxer Series and priced at INR: 4,300 for the set of tyres.  The SPORTRAD series is compatible with High performance motorcycles such as KTM RC390, Duke 390 Bajaj Dominar 400, TVS Apache RR310 and is priced at INR: 12,500 for the set of tyres.  

The SPORTRAD platform is equipped with equidistant midcrown grooves for enhanced cornering stability, and a silica-blended tread compound for a perfect balance of stiffness. These tyres deliver a sporty performance that exceeds expectations. Incorporating advanced features like slick shoulders for extreme lean angles, an optimized groove design for superior wet grip and cornering stability, and a maximized slick area at the crown for stability at speeds up to 270 kmph, the SPORTRAD series ensures an unparalleled riding experience.

The CROSSRAD platform features an asymmetrical block tread design and transversal grooves placed along the circumference of the tyre which combine to provide superior grip in gravel/mud and other off-road terrains. Additionally, the interconnected shoulder blocks offer a wider contact area for an enhanced cornering grip. With the uniquely shaped centre blocks and a steel-belted radial construction, the CROSSRAD series offers a much superior handling experience for off road enthusiasts. 

CEAT MD & CEO Arnab Banerjee commented, “Steel Rad series is a testament to CEAT's commitment to innovation and quality. With the Steel Rad series, we are introducing a new era of motorcycle tyres that combine cutting-edge technology with a passion for performance. We understand the unique needs of riders with high-performance bikes, and these tyres are designed to meet and exceed their expectations. From extreme lean angles to high-speed stability, every aspect has been meticulously crafted to enhance the riding experience."

CEAT Chief Marketing Officer Lakshmi Narayanan said, "At CEAT, we understand the passion for precision performance. This is our answer to riders who demand the best from their machines. These tyres are about delivering tangible results on the road. The steel radial construction offers rock-solid stability and responsive handling. Whether it’s for track days, weekend getaways, or your daily commute, these tyres ensure performance and unparalleled reliability on the road."


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