Greenpeace India launches campaign demanding climate justice in the face of frequent climate disasters

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In an effort to engage with the issue of extreme impact of climate change on marginalized communities, Greenpeace launched People For Climate – a climate justice campaign. With exhibits of real life articles destroyed by extreme weather events, to art installations, a photo exhibition, VR film and roundtable discussions People For Climate highlights the urgent need to move beyond reducing climate disasters to only numbers and dramatic headlines. 

Greenpeace's Museum of Memories serves as a distressing reminder of the human cost of the climate crisis. Featuring 26 exhibits of everyday items, that individually tell stories of loss, resilience and hope in the face of increasingly frequent extreme weather events, the museum aims evokes a sense of urgency, demanding accountability from policy makers, big polluters and the collective society.

Some of the participants at first roundtable discussion included Shankar Halder, from Mukti Foundation in Sundarbans, Sindhu Napoleon, from Coastal Students Cultural Forum in Thiruvananthapuram; Ajay Kumar a Dalit activist from Kerala; Palani Kumar a renowned photographer and his students Sugandhi, Poongodi, Pratima, Nandini, Benisha from Citizen Consumer and Civic Action Group, Sebastiao Anthony from the National Platform For Smallscale fish workers; Gopinath Parayil, Activist specializing in Kerala flood recovery and Amruta SN, Climate and Energy campaigner, Greenpeace India.


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