One-year-old child's life saved through successful liver transplant

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A one-year-old child from Erode district is Dhanvika. When the baby was six months old, he was diagnosed with a metabolic liver disorder called propionic acidemia, which disrupts the body's ability to convert certain proteins and growth. Realizing the child's condition, his parents were immediately alerted and took the child to Narayana Health Hospital in Bangalore, which is famous for liver transplant.

Sr. Dr. Raghavendra examined the child there and discovered that the child had metabolic liver disorder. Knowing that this disease would affect the child greatly, he immediately decided to do a liver transplant operation.The liver was donated from the child's father.

A team of doctors led by Dr. Raghavendra successfully completed the liver transplant operation on that child named Dhanvika. Now the child is doing well under doctor's supervision.

The child's father, Yoganathan, said: "We discovered her problem when the child was six months old. Shocked by this, the child was treated by doctors in many hospitals, but the disease was not cured. Finally, we took our child to Narayana Health Hospital in Bangalore. Sr. Dr. Raghavendra there thoroughly examined the child and found that our child has metabolic liver disorder. So an operation was arranged immediately. .Tamil Nadu government also helped in this operation. I donated a part of my liver to the child. After several hours of operation, my daughter is recovering. Three months ago my child underwent a liver transplant. Now both my liver donor and my liver transplant child are doing well. Doctors have given my daughter a new lease of life through this operation.

About this Dr. Raghavendra

Alternating liver disease is a condition that affects one in 10 lakh people. Children with this disease can develop severe developmental changes and acidosis with persistent seizures. As soon as this disease was diagnosed, it was decided to undergo an immediate liver transplant operation for the child. A portion of the child's father's liver was surgically removed and transplanted to the child.Thus the child's future has been saved.He said that Narayana Health Hospital is always committed to providing high quality healthcare services to those in need.


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