FIMS Hospital launches advanced post-transplant ICU

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Observing World Kidney Day 2024, FIMS Hospital, Coimbatore launched an advanced Post Transplant Intensive Care Unit today to augment its services to patients with Kidney-related diseases.

The Post Transplant ICU was inaugurated by Dr.A.Prabhakaran, Nephrologist & Chairman, Arthy Hospital, Coimbatore in the presence of Dr.Murugadoss Sanmugam, Chairman and Dr.Rashmi, Director & Head of Multi-organ Transplant Unit, FIMS Hospital.

Dr.Rashmi shared that as a part of this year's World Kidney Day observance, the hospital is supporting 25 patients in need of Kidney by fully contributing to their registration charges in TRANSTAN website - the registration portal under Tamil Nadu government for patients in need of organs.

Dr.A.Prabhakaran said that advanced stages of diabetes, hypertension, hereditary conditions can lead to Kidney issues while excessive smoking can increase the chances of the disease. Identifying kidney diseases in its early stage is essential to treat it effectively. Hence going for master-health check ups annually after turning 35, will really help in identifying the disease.

Adding more on that, Dr.Rashmi highlighted that kidney diseases are increasing in India. Beside the old generation, the younger gen. to are affected by some kind of kidney disease today. "2 lakh Indians have end-stage kidney diseases and out of that only 10,000 patients can go for kidney transplant. Others don't have other option except dialysis," she said.


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