Fueling the Entrepreneurial Fire: Unleashing the DriveX Effect on Two-Wheeler Enthusiasts

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Sakaravarthy’s lifelong passion for two-wheelers has been a constant force, shaping his journey from early bike rides to a fulfilling career in the two-wheeler industry. However, his aspirations reached new heights as he delved into entrepreneurship, and his collaboration with DriveX marked a turning point. 

This collaboration not only facilitated the establishment of his venture, Sree Agency in Krishnagiri, but also granted him access to the thriving market of pre-owned two-wheelers in India. Reports indicate that the pre-owned two-wheeler market in India is set to soar to USD 10 billion by 2025, with a projected annual growth rate of 10%. Sree Agency’s partnership with DriveX positions him at the forefront of this dynamic industry, fuelling his passion and ambition simultaneously.

Reflecting on his journey, Sakaravarthy, Managing Director - Shree Motors shared, "Having experienced diverse fields, I found DriveX to be the optimal choice when venturing into the two-wheeler business, particularly due to its affiliation with TVS. DriveX serves as the platform that addresses the concerns of used two-wheeler customers, guaranteeing quality, transparency, and assurance on vehicles. Following the guidance of a friend, I opted for DriveX, and now, as partners, we hold three dealerships—a testament to the profound impact DriveX has had on our business."

Shree Motors collaboration with us has elevated him as a partner in our fully integrated platform, revolutionizing the pre-owned two-wheeler ecosystem in India. This partnership empowers him to offer comprehensive pre-owned vehicle services, presenting a simplified, credible, and hassle-free buying experience. Backed by state-of-the-art refurbishment, a digital retail platform, in-house documentation, financing capabilities, and after-sale service Sakaravarthy ensures a delightful buying experience to his customers, adds Narain Karthikeyan, Founder and Director of DriveX Mobility Private Limited.


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