IIT Madras Pravartak partners with VyVoxel International Firm

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IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies Foundation is partnering with VyVoxel, an international AR/VR/MR company, to offer a course on Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Programming for students to build a career in this cutting-edge field.

The course is offered in online mode and has a duration of 60 hours. The last date to apply for the First Batch is 31st March 2024. The first batch will commence on 1st April 2024.As the course is being taught online, there will no restrictions of students admitted to each batch

Those interested can enrol through the following link - https://digitalskills.pravartak.org.in/course_details.php?courseID=95

VyVoxel is a company based in Santa Clara, USA and in Chennai specialising in visual computing and application development. They develop enterprise solutions in AR, VR and MR experiences, 3D graphics, animation, programming and computer vision. VyVoxel is a one-stop with capability in 3d graphics, programming, modelling and animation, UI / UX experience design and development, AI/ML development, web development, mobile development and cloud computing.

Highlighting the for this course, Mr. Balamurali Shankar, Chief Knowledge Officer, Digital Skills Academy - IIT Madras Pravartak Technologies, said,“AR and VR as a field is at a tipping point with hardware, software and technology adoption reaching critical mass. It is imperative now to create talent pools that can service industry needs in the coming years. It is an exciting area growing exponentially with applications in various industries and we are elated to be able to partner with VyVoxel in bringing this course to students.”

Augmented and Virtual Reality as a field has seen several technological advancements recently.  Market analysts predict the AR and VR market to reach a size of USD 71.2 billion to USD 372.73 billion by 2032, with a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) ranging from 23.2% to 39.8%. VR simulations can be used for remote collaboration, design visualisation, and process optimization, leading to increased productivity across various sectors. VR simulations can be used to train medical professionals in a safe and realistic environment, allowing for practising complex procedures and decision-making skills.

Developments in this field include the launch of headsets such as the Meta quest 3, the Apple Vision Pro and several others, besides largescale adoption of this technology in industries such as automobile, healthcare, retail, architecture, and ecommerce.  Several use cases abound in manufacturing, field service and training divisions across industries.  This has led to an exponential increase in demand for AR and VR programmers and that is only going to continue to grow.

This course in AR and VR programming bridges the need for qualified professionals in the field. It provides adequate theory and extensive programming experience using industry-standard tools such as Unity 3D, C# programming, Vuphoria and XR Interaction kit among others.  It teaches students how to design, code and publish AR and VR applications to mobile devices (both Android and iOS), tablets, and headsets. Students also get a chance to work on industry-level projects so that they are ready to be a part of this exciting field. The course has been designed by AR and VR professionals with in-depth project knowledge and a clear understanding of what the industry needs.

The course covers the basics of 3D modelling, marker, and marker less AR, Virtual Reality programming and interaction and its applications in training, manufacturing and field service, C# programming, user interface design and exposure to applications in various industries such as healthcare, logistics, retail, ecommerce, branding and product launches, architecture etc.


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