Ariel launches 4th instalment of 'Share the Load' campaign

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Over the last 9 years, Ariel India has continuously sparked conversations around the unequal division of domestic chores within households and urging more and more men to #ShareTheLoad. Since we began this journey in 2015, the percentage of men who believed that household chores, like laundry, are solely a woman's job has drastically decreased from 79% to 25%. 

However, acknowledging the need for further progress, Ariel is driving the conversation forward to encourage men to not only accept the physical aspect of household chores but also to act as a team at home to share the mental load. This year, Ariel poses a pertinent question – How strong is your HomeTeam? By urging men to #ShareTheLoad, Ariel aims to foster a culture of equal ownership and accountability of household chores between husbands and wives, seamlessly integrating both the physical and mental aspects of running a household.

In Ariel's latest film, (Watch the film now- 'HomeTeams #ShareTheLoad,' the focus is on fostering a team dynamic within households and reiterating household chores as a collective responsibility. It poses a vital question to men through the story of Aisha, a professional balancing her career and home responsibilities. Aisha's apprehension about leaving for a work trip in Singapore reflects a common dilemma for women, who often worry about their partners' ability to handle household chores in their absence. However, a heartening turn occurs when Aisha's boss encourages her to leverage her “HomeTeam” just as effectively as her work teams. This emphasizes the potential for achieving larger objectives together and highlights the profound influence of teamwork in both personal and professional realms. The film underscores how small moments can lead to significant shifts in perspective, serving as a testament to men who may just need a gentle push to genuinely aspire to be equal partners, overcoming societal conditioning or lack of awareness.

At the campaign launch event, Anil Kapoor delivered a powerful message on the evolving dynamics of gender roles and the essence of genuine partnership within relationships. Reflecting on his own journey, Anil Kapoor emphasized,” In my journey, I've witnessed the evolution of gender roles and the importance of mutual respect and genuine teamwork in a relationship. Sunita, my wife, has been my equal partner, demonstrating unwavering support and understanding throughout. Our partnership is built on the foundation of mutual respect and shared responsibilities”.

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