Millions Battling Chronic Diseases: Can Technology and Personalized Care Offer Hope?

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Chronic metabolic diseases like diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver disease are on an alarming rise worldwide. In India alone, over 100 million people grapple with diabetes, placing a significant burden on healthcare systems and individual well-being. This alarming trend demands innovative solutions. Fortunately, advancements in healthcare technology in sync with personalised care offer a glimmer of hope.

Dr. Vivek, renowned consultant, liver transplant from Chennai, elucidates the transformative potential of the Whole Body Digital Twin™ with eloquence and insight, saying, “The emotional toll of chronic diseases can be immense. Digital twins offer a beacon of hope by providing a data-driven roadmap to regaining control of your health. The potential to reverse conditions and improve quality of life is truly transformative. This technology has the potential to empower patients and revolutionize the way we approach chronic disease management.”

Dr Suresh, diabetologist, sexologist and consultant, internal Medicine from Chennai, exclaims, “The exciting aspect of digital twins is their preventative potential. By identifying risk factors early, we can intervene before chronic diseases develop. This proactive approach can significantly improve long-term health outcomes and reduce the overall burden on healthcare systems. I believe digital twins have the potential to be a cornerstone of preventative medicine.”


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