RRU Hosts Navya2k24: A Student-Driven Cultural Extravaganza

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The Rashtriya Raksha University in Gandhinagar, Gujarat, recently organized a vibrant and engaging two-day cultural feast named Navya2k24. The event commenced on April 8, 2024, and concluded on April 9, 2024. It was a student-driven initiative that showcased various cultural activities, bringing together students, faculty members, and staff in a celebration of diversity and talent.

The event was organized by different student clubs consisting 100+ students, led by Prof. Kalpesh H Wandra, ProVice Chancellor & Pavan Soni, Deputy Registrar within the university, each dedicated to specific activities. Participants from these clubs came together to plan and execute Navya2k24 successfully.

The grand finale of the event was the DJ Night & band performance where all participants enthusiastically joined in the celebration, creating lasting memories and fostering a sense of community within Rashtriya Raksha University.

The Vice-Chancellor of Rashtriya Raksha University encouraged students to organize more large-scale events like Navya2k24 in the future. He emphasized the importance of learning essential skills such as crowd management, fund management, media engagement, and event planning, among others, through such initiatives. The Vice-Chancellor highlighted that participating in organizing such events can significantly contribute to the holistic growth and development of the students.

Furthermore, this cultural programme at Rashtriya Raksha University also helped in enhancing the overall educational experience of the students by offering them a chance to explore their creativity beyond academics. It encouraged teamwork, collaboration, and leadership skills among participants while fostering a sense of pride in their cultural heritage. The event likely left a lasting impact on both the performers and the audience by promoting cultural awareness and celebrating the rich tapestry of traditions present within the university community.

Looking ahead, Rashtriya Raksha University is gearing up to host a mega-annual event in next academic year. This forthcoming event aims to further enhance the university’s cultural landscape and provide students with valuable opportunities for growth and learning.

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