Amazon India celebrates 49th International Women's Day

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On the occasion of the 49th International Women’s Day, Amazon India reaffirms its dedication to honoring the diverse experiences, cultures, and perspectives that women bring to the workforce. Aligned with this year’s theme, ‘Inspire Inclusion,’ the company brings to the centerstage 49 multifaceted programs and initiatives that it created over the years and their significant impact on women within its ecosystem. 

Amazon India has implemented a range of policies, programs, and initiatives aimed at enhancing women's representation and facilitating their professional growth within and outside the organization. The initiatives aim to support women employees at various stages of their careers, from recruitment to talent development. Key programs include the ‘rekindle’ offering a launchpad for women re-entering the workforce; Ramp Back, facilitating a gradual return to work after maternity or parental leave; AmVoice listening sessions, providing a platform for senior leadership to address the concerns of women employees; and Women in Night Shifts (WINS), ensuring a safe and supportive work environment for women across all shifts.

To mark the occasion, Amazon India has launched the third edition of ‘She Is Amazon’ campaign spotlighting the women behind Amazon’s success in India. The campaign showcases 49 compelling narratives stories showcased in a life size photo gallery installed in its offices across the country. Featuring the diverse roles and contributions of women, from Seller Partners to Operations Network Partners, Community Beneficiaries, Employees, and Associates, the gallery underscores the pivotal influence of women in enriching Amazon's diverse customer base. Beyond celebrating their achievements, the campaign emphasizes the myriad benefits, programs, and initiatives tailored to empower women both within and beyond the organization, thereby advancing their professional journeys and exemplifying Amazon's unwavering commitment to women's inclusion. Through the #SheIsAmazon campaign, Amazon India aims to inspire inclusivity, celebrate diversity, and empower women to reach their full potential while demonstrating its commitment to creating a workplace where all voices are heard and valued.

Leading up to the International Women’s Day, Amazon India recently announced the launch of Women in Night Shifts (WINS) at one of its large Sort Centre in Haryana. In addition to Amazon’s existing initiatives, WINS is designed to provide a safe and supportive work environment for women, ensuring equal opportunities for all to work in various shifts, and championing inclusivity for all.

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