CLEAN & CLEAR launches its Pimple Hi Toh Hai Campaign

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We get it, skin confidence is everything. When your skin is on point, you feel like a queen. But the arrival of a pimple, a teen’s worst enemy can suddenly kill the vibe and cancel all plans! CLEAN & CLEAR ®, Indias leading teen skincare brand is excited to unveil its latest digital film as part of its ongoing campaign ‘Pimple Hi Toh Hai’. Reinforcing the brand’s promise, the new digital film brings a fresh perspective on teen pimple empowering teenage girls to embrace the unexpected while assuring them to stay focussed on things that matter.

The new digital campaign highlights the drama associated with pimple in a teen’s life. Pimples often appear unexpectedly causing chaos, disrupting their plans as well as taking away a young girl’s confidence. Amidst moments such chaos, CLEAN & CLEAR ® believes that pimples are a natural part of teen’s life and challenges the notion that pimples should cause distress or anxiety to a young girl. Through its latest campaign, CLEAN & CLEAR ® empowers young individuals to see pimples as a common occurrence as ‘It’s just a pimple’ and encourages them not to let pimples distract them or overshadow their confidence or goals.

Sharing the inspiration behind the campaign, Manoj Gadgil, Vice President of Marketing & Business Unit Head, Essential Health & Skin Health, Kenvue said, Pimples unexpectedly disrupt a teen’s life. It not just affects them socially but also deeply impacts their confidence. As a leading teen skincare brand which is trusted by millions of girls, Clean & Clear believes in clearing such momentary small distractions from a teen’s life and their skin so they can focus on the important things that matter. Our new and improved CLEAN & CLEAR ® Foaming Facewash ® offers unmatched results by providing an effective solution to wash away their pimple concerns while retaining 99% of skin’s natural moisture 4 their skin. Now teens can embrace the unwanted surprises, and never miss out on life.”

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