Get Ready to Dive into Summer with Arrow's 'Sun, Style, and T-Shirt' Festival

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Arrow, a professional menswear brand from Arvind Fashions Limited, proudly presents "Sun, Style & T-shirts: Dive into the summer," a t-shirt festival that captures the essence of the season in every thread. 

The brand is all set to dive into the warmth of summer, embracing the vibrant colors, refreshing designs, and the joyous spirit of community. But this isn't just about style; it's about making a difference too. For this t-shirt festival, Arrow has entered into a tie-up with NGO Atypical Advantage, one of India’s largest livelihood platforms for Persons with Disabilities(PWD).  With each purchase of 5000 or above, customers can contribute to societal well-being. 

Speaking about the 'Sun, Style, and T-Shirt' Festival, Anand Aiyer, CEO, Arrow says, “Arrow is proud to collaborate with Atypical Advantage for this T-shirt festival, a renowned NGO featured on Shark Tank Season 2. Through this collaboration, we are showcasing the talents of disabled artists such as Pooja Bodas, Kabir Vernal, and Nikhil Saiprasad, who are spreading positivity through their remarkable artworks. These artists inspire us with their resilience and determination, proving that a positive heart can conquer any challenge. During the festival, for every purchase of 5000 or above from Arrow, customers will receive a special tee featuring artwork by these talented artists. These exclusive T-shirts are the brand’s gift to customers as part of Arrow's new Joy Of Giving initiative to support this NGO, artists, and disabled individuals. This initiative aims to create awareness about the NGO's efforts in helping challenged individuals earn their livelihood and establish their own identity in society through their talent.”

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