IIT Madras Hosts ‘Paradox’24: Annual Techno-Cultural-Sports Fest

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Students of IIT Madras BS Programs are coming to campus this week to celebrate ‘Paradox’ (www.iitmparadox.org), the annual Techno-Cultural-Sports fest. Now in its third edition, ‘ Paradox ’ 24, presented by title sponsor Acer, powered by Insights IAS, and co-powered by Zepto, will happen from 30th May to 2nd June 2024 in the campus.

Paradox is a student-run fest of IIT Madras BS degree programs - Data Science & Programming and Electronic Systems. Over 27,000 students are enrolled in these two programs. Their innovative curriculum seamlessly blends online flexibility with on-campus engagement. The carefully designed curriculum addresses the evolving needs of the digital era, ensuring a comprehensive educational journey for the students.

Paradox’24 will feature captivating and unique events such as the ‘Enchanted Forest’ themed Prom Night, innovative student-run stalls, 5km road race - Kampus run and the ground-breaking ‘AI Agent Hackathon’. Further, the fest will also provide opportunities for students to secure placements and internships through various sponsors.

Welcoming students to the campus, Prof. V. Kamakoti, Director, IIT Madras, “Paradox exemplifies IIT Madras’ commitment to fostering vibrant student activities. This fest is a unique opportunity for BS students from all over the world to celebrate togetherness and network. We warmly welcome you all to IITM, where you innovate, learn, celebrate, and succeed."

Around 4,000 students of BS Data Science and Electronic Systems Programs are expected to take part in 57 exciting events spread over four days. This fest promises a blend of technical, cultural, and sports activities that will showcase the exceptional talents of the students. Students from all over India and from abroad come here to celebrate, bond, and create unforgettable memories amidst the joyous celebrations.

Speaking about the event, Prof. Vignesh Muthuvijayan, Coordinator, BS (Data Science and Applications), IIT Madras, said, “Paradox is filled with opportunities for people in the front as well as backstage. The fest is completely managed by students, which allows them to explore and learn. With 200+ organizers, the uniqueness of the event lies in its organization. Utilizing remote collaboration, they developed a central workflow app from scratch to ensure consistency and documentation.”

The academic dimension of Paradox 2024 is equally impressive, with 24 specialized workshops covering a wide range of topics. A standout session titled ‘Ask us anything - career choices - higher education or jobs’ will be led by IIT Madras faculty, offering students insights and guidance on navigating their future careers.

The organizing team of Paradox 2024 demonstrated their commitment to social responsibility through ‘PRAYATNA’, an inter-school initiative in Chennai. Prayatna represents more than just material assistance, it embodies a collaborative effort to promote community engagement and empowerment.

Prayatna, in collaboration with the Gold Heart Foundation, is dedicated to supporting underprivileged communities across rural and tribal areas of Tamil Nadu. Paradox’24 team partnered with four schools and mobilized the respective school students to donate unused uniforms and household items, packing and delivering four lorries of goods to schools in need.

Students attending Paradox have a golden opportunity to experience campus life, showcase their talents, and potentially discover their passions. This fest, organized by students for students, promises the unexpected - a “paradox” indeed. Many students forge new friendships, find mentors, and gain fresh perspectives. Before the rigorous academic year begins, Paradox offers a revitalizing experience, infusing new energy to achieve great things.


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