Two-Day Radiation Metrology Conference RM-NSIR-2024 Kicks Off

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Indian Nuclear Power Programme is imperative to meet the twin goals of energy security and sustainable development through commissioning of Nuclear reactors in Fleet mode. Various Nuclear techniques have lead to opportunities to enhance quality of life through services offered by ionizing radiation facilities (IRFs). 

National nuclear institutions, universities, medical centers, and private companies have established and used IRFs not only for research and development purposes but also for the provision of commercial services and goods. This increase in application of ionizing radiation brings immense importance of radiation protection metrology. Challenges related to metrological aspects of radiation protection for ionizing radiation demands most urgent priority from the relevant stakeholders and the metrological communities involved. Hence, this theme meeting of Radiation Metrology and National Standard on Ionizing Radiation (RM-NSIR-2024)has significant importance.

The two day theme meeting on Radiation Metrology and National Standard on Ionizing Radiation was inaugurated on 21.5.2024 by Shri Dinesh Kumar Shukla, Chairman,  Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). Dr M.S.Kulkarni Head Health Physics Division, BARC introduced the audience to the concept of radiation metrology in his special address.

Dr D.K.Aswal Director, Health Safety and Environmental Group (HSEG), BARC , Mumbai was the Guest of Honour.  He emphasized on the importance of following international standards of measurements for enhanced performance in research areas.  The Chief Guest in his inaugural address stressed upon bringing changes to suit the current scenario of work culture. The need for consistent, comparable and accurate measurements to be followed was spelt out. 

Dr B Venkatraman Director IGCAR mentioned the importance of this theme meet in bringing industry academic institutions, medical industries and department together in understanding better calibration methods. Eight invited lectures by distinguished speakers on various topics ranging from Radiation detectors and standardization, Regulatory aspects of radiation facilities to calibration type testing practices for radiation monitoring Instruments is part of the two day program.


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