AGs Healthcare introduces Advanced Ultrasound for the first time in Kongu Region!

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City-based AGs Healthcare headed by Dr. Adityan Guhan introduced the state of the art ultrasound machine Samsung V7 for the first time in Kongu Region on Wednesday.

It was launched earlier by renowned physician Dr.Chitra Guhan in the presence of Dr. Janani Adityan, Director, The Thol.

Commenting on the addition of this advanced medical system, Dr. Adityan Guhan said that the Samsung V7 Ultrasound provides a great number of sophisticated diagnostic features that helps in making precise evaluations and valuable decisions at the same time it phenomenally reduces chance of human error.

"While there are ultrasound machines for  diagnosing the abdomen, heart and foetus and much more, the V7 integrates all these into one. It provides a wide range of clinical applications and its accuracy is impeccable. Its offers extraordinary visual-clarity in both 2D and Color," he said.

The features in it carry immense value to the medical professional in his evaluations. For instance, the 'Heart Assist' feature provides sharp analysis of the heart's pumping capacity, the quality of the heart valves, blood flow and 20 other evaluations of the heart.

Another feature called the 'S-Shearwave Imaging' allows the effortless assessment of stiff liver tissues that are caused due to N-number of liver disease including alcohol, and also due to uncontrolled diabetes, hepatitis, drugs affecting liver, poor lifestyle which all comes under Non-alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

When the ultrasound goes into the liver, it splits the liver into 1 million units to assess the stiffness. It is also useful in evaluation of the liver's condition.

The V7 offers incredible support in fetal medicine. With the feature called LumiFlow, the foetus' blood vessels and blood flow can be assessed clearly. If there are any defects even on a minute level, it will capture it and alert as its precision level is 1: 1,00,000 (in detecting fetal anomaly)

Like this there are numerous features like 'NerveTrack with A.I.Technology', AutoIMT, S-Detect, S-Flow, etc., which offers invaluable support to the medical professional.

Dr. Adityan Guhan said that the system is 5D enabled, and soon all the 5D probes will be added once Samsung releases it over the air.

He added that AGs Healthcare would be including the services of the V7 in their master health check up packages soon in a way that it will benefit all patients.

"We encourage people who are above 35 years of age to go for master health check ups annually to stay proactive and not reactive to illness. We are on a mission to educate and alert Coimbatoreans about the need for master health checkups. We will be beyond joyful to see people go for it anywhere. Their wellness matters to us more than anything," he added.

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