Almonds voted as the top snacking choice as a part of a healthy diet in India

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Over the past few decades, there has been a significant increase in lifestyle-related health issues. A large part of this problem is due to changes in our lifestyles, such as decreased physical activity, unhealthy diets, increased stress, and inadequate sleep. These changes have resulted in an increase in chronic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and certain types of cancer. While modern medical advancements have enabled us to better manage and treat these conditions, prevention through lifestyle changes remains an effective way to reduce the burden of lifestyle-related diseases. It is important to prioritize healthy habits and make positive lifestyle changes to improve our overall health and wellbeing. 

In a recent YouGov survey conducted by the Almond Board of California between 24th January - 6th February 2023, it was found that most urban cities in India reported a rise in lifestyle-related health issues such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease. While the survey highlighted the growing health concerns in India, it also revealed some of the key strategies followed by them to fight these health problems like eating a well-balanced diet, exercising, and eating healthy snacks. 

A noteworthy mention in the healthy snacking category was almonds. In the survey, almonds were found to be most preferred healthy snacking option owing to its strong nutritional profile, especially high presence of protein and fiber, and its various health benefits. A fair section of the respondents associated almonds with being the good for heart health, Type 2 diabetes, PCOS amongst other health conditions.


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