HMSI conducts Road Safety Awareness Campaign in Madurai

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Re-emphasizing the ongoing commitment to fostering a culture of safe riding in India, Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has extended its National Road Safety Awareness Campaign to the city of Madurai, Tamil Nadu. Road safety holds global significance for Honda. In a three days event held across two institutions – Kendriya Vidyalaya and Madurai Public School - Madurai, HMSI reached out to more than 2600 school students and staff members to raise awareness about safe riding practices. 

The company's road safety instructors utilized age-appropriate road safety learning programs to ensure that road safety awareness is effectively retained among all participants. Since inception, in the state of Tamil Nadu, HMSI has imparted education to over 1.15 lakhs’ adults and children, focusing on promoting responsible road usage and cultivating safe riding habits.

Speaking on HMSI’s commitment towards building a collision-free India, Vinay Dhingra – Senior Director, HR, Admin, IT & Corporate Affairs, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India said, "At HMSI, we strongly believe in nurturing the future road users – children by imparting essential road safety knowledge to them. Our mission is to cultivate a positive mindset among youngsters, instilling in them the understanding that road safety is cool and is a gateway to discipline in life. As we aspire to build a society that places road safety at the forefront and values responsible conduct on the roads, we are committed to empowering and educating the next generation of riders about the crucial significance of safe road usage. To promote this mindset, HMSI has taken the initiative to launch an extensive nationwide road safety awareness campaign."

Globally, Honda places the utmost priority on road safety. As announced in April 2021, “Honda will strive for zero traffic collision fatalities involving Honda motorcycles and automobiles globally by 2050”. One critical aspect of achieving this goal is inculcating a positive mindset towards road safety in our children by the year 2030 and continuing to educate them thereafter. Our aim is to encourage in children the value of not only caring for their own lives but also valuing the lives of others. We want them to understand that safe riding is cool and trendy and must not be avoided at any cost. To accomplish this vision, we are continuously identifying and implementing impactful road safety initiatives in schools and colleges across India. These Road Safety awareness programs are interactive and engaging, catering to a wide range of age groups, from children to youth and are conducted in schools, colleges, government institutions, and non-governmental organizations. Through activities such as interactive games, role-playing, virtual experiences, and more, our goal is to raise awareness and encourage responsible road behavior among all road users. This awareness initiative has already reached over 5.7 million Indians."


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