RVS Dental College & Hospital celebrated National Orthodontist

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Celebrating National Orthodontist Day, RVS Dental College & Hospital headed by Dr. Rajasekharan donated Rs. 9 lakh worth removable orthodontic appliances to the needy today, and also announced a special event called ‘Orthodontic Odyssey’ aimed at promoting orthodontic awareness.

A press release from RVS Dental College said that Orthodontic issues, such as misaligned teeth and jaws, can lead to a range of problems, including difficulty in chewing, speaking, and maintaining proper oral hygiene. Left untreated, these issues can impact an individual's self-esteem and quality of life.

Orthodontic treatment options, according to RVS, have come a long way, with advancements like Invisalign, clear aligners, and traditional braces making it easier for people of all ages to achieve the smiles they desire. Early intervention in children can also help prevent more complex problems in the future.

The release further said that the event ‘Orthodontic Odyssey’ being undertaken under the guidance of Dr. Rajasekaran, Dr. Neetika Prabhu, Dr. Arun Deepak, Dr. Vaibava Keerthana, Dr. Anusha Sreedharan, Dr. Sreecumar, Dr. Alif Ahmed is considered for record by India’s World Record Foundation.


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