Celebrating 75 Years of Cycle Pure Agarbathi, From Tamil Nadu to the World

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My grandfather, Mr N Ranga Rao was born in a small temple town, Markayankottai, in Tamil Nadu. It was here that he honed his entrepreneurial skills as a young boy and spent his formative years, educating himself and learning the skills that he would later use to establish the world’s first truly global prayer brand. 

A Remarkable 75-Year Journey:

In 1948, just after India gained independence, a strong desire arose in Mr Ranga Rao’s mind that he too should be independent and start something on his own. He chose agarbathies, because of the access to the raw materials like sandalwood, access to customers, for the people of south India were deeply devotional and more so, because he believed in the power of prayer to give hope to everyone.

He chose the humble cycle as the symbol for the brand, because it was pronounced the same, irrespective of language or culture or geography. In a market flooded with low quality agarbathies made with flimsy sticks that would stop burning midway, he chose to make high quality agarbathi sticks that would burn end to end and have unique fragrances. He taught himself the art of perfume creation by importing books from Germany. His legacy of creating in house fragrances lives on, even three generations later. The brand has over 600 unique perfume creations, all created in house. 

Today, 75 years later, the cycle brand gone beyond being the world’s largest manufacturer of agarbathies, to being the world’s favourite prayer brand that provides all prayer essentials and accessories to people in 75 countries.

Cycle brand is the world’s first certified Zero Carbon manufacturer of incense, air-care and prayer products, and complies with the highest global quality standards. 

At its core the brand believes in “doing the right thing, every single time”. I believe that what my grandfather created was a legacy of kindness. Kindness towards our customers led to the creation of products that were uncompromised, and made in a responsible manner, using pure ingredients, obtained directly from source. Kindness towards the planet led to the creation of products that were made in an ethical, sustainable manner, using materials that could be recycled. Kindness towards society meant that the wealth gained had to be shared with the people who needed help. This has led to countless donations to many charitable missions. Every day, i try to further my grandfather’s legacy of kindness for the well bring of all beings. 

The Tamil Nadu Market: 

In India's star-studded crown of cultural and spiritual heritage, Tamil Nadu shines bright as the crowning glory. Tamil Nadu is a truly sacred land, replete with rich traditions and devotion that continues to thrive. Amidst this vibrant cultural landscape, Cycle Pure Agarbathi has found not only a thriving market but also a profound sense of purpose in contributing to the well-being and progress of the people of Tamil Nadu.

As the birthplace of the founder and his vision, today, 75 years later, Tamil Nadu remains the home turf, the key market that marks the cornerstone of the brand’s global success.  Cycle brand is committed to the welfare of this sacred land, that in a way, is its motherland.

As a family business, we fully understand and acknowledge the role played by women in contributing to the family and the society. Women comprise of over 75% of our workforce. In Tamil Nadu alone, we have provided employment opportunities to over 3,000 women, who enjoy financial independence and the confidence and societal reforms that it brings with it. 

However, Cycle's commitment to the welfare of the community goes even further. In October 2022, the brand announced a five-year scholarship program valued at Rs. 10 lakhs, aimed at supporting 40 exceptionally talented differently-abled young girls from various regions in Tamil Nadu. These scholarships, open to girls aged between 12 to 17 years, are a testament to Cycle's belief in the transformative power of education and the potential within every girl child.

The Journey till date

Over its illustrious 75-year journey, Cycle Pure Agarbathi has transcended its role as a product to become a symbol of hope, faith, and the power of prayer. Cycle has become a medium to help devotees connect with the divine. We truly believe that cycle and prayer can take you anywhere. 

Cycle Pure Agarbathi's journey in Tamil Nadu is not just a story of business success but also a narrative of a brand deeply rooted in the culture and tradition of the region. For this, everyone at Cycle remains grateful to this sacred land and its people. 

Article Authored by

Mr. Arjun Ranga
Managing Director 
Cycle Pure Agarbathi 

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