Isha’s Save Soil Movement unveils “South Indian Coconut Festival”

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The "South Indian Coconut Festival," organized by the Isha’s Save Soil Movement to boost the income of coconut farmers, is scheduled to take place on January 28th from 9 AM to 5 PM at Sri Vignesh Mahal in Palladam, Tirupur district.

A press conference held at the Coimbatore Press Club on January 24 featured Mr. Muthukumar, the Tamil Nadu field coordinator of Isha Save Soil Movement, who spoke to the media:

"Coconut farming alone does not generate enough income for farmers. Those who only grow coconuts earn less than those who intercrop with other crops such as nutmeg, betel nut, pepper, timber tree species, ginger, and turmeric. Many farmers have significantly increased their income by intercropping with coconut. This approach is profitable and can be adopted by all farmers. The 'South Indian Coconut Festival' event has been organized to help farmers realize the potential of intercropping and increase their income. Up to 2000 farmers are participating and benefiting from this event."

This event is a South Indian level gathering, with participation from experts and veteran farmers from many states. Notably, Mr. Sivannanjayya Palekayi and Mr. Arunkumar from Karnataka, Ms. Swapna James from Kerala, Mr. Valluvan, Mr. Rasool Moideen, Mr. Veeramani, and many others from Tamil Nadu are participating in this event to share their experiences and discuss ways to improve the income of farmers in Coconut farming.

In this event, basic tools required for coconut farming will be showcased and offered for sale. Additionally, the "Natural Market" will feature 60 shops where pioneer farmers will sell organically grown traditional vegetables, crop varieties, and rice,” disclosed Mr. Muthukumar, accompanied by pioneer farmer Mr. Valluvan.

Farmers interested in participating in the festival can make reservations by contacting the numbers 83000 93777 or 94425 90077. 


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