Orumai Payanam gives opportunity to 100+ school students to know the values of different religions

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Orumai Payanam, a key event of Coimbatore Vizha was organized on Wednesday (03.01.2024).120 students from 20 various educational institutions were taken to 5 places of worship of different religions that is located within a 1.5 km. radius in the city along with their teachers.

The students started their journey in the morning from St.Michael Church, then they visited Arul Migu Konniamman Temple, Athar Jamaath Masjid, Gurudwara Singh Sabha and Jain Temple.

The heads of the religious places welcomed the students, and shared with them the message their religion preaches. The students got the chance to visit these places which they usually don't get in their day to day life. They finally gathered at Mahatma Gandhi Memorial in Podanur for the closing ceremony.

District Collector Kranthi Kumar Padi took part as the Chief Guest. Marudhaachala Adigalar, Perur Adheenam, A.J.Raja, Coimbatore Area Chairman, CSI Coimbatore Diocese and Abdul Hakeem, Jamaat e Islami Hind, Coimbatore also participated in the closing ceremony.

Student-representatives of each school expressed what they had learned during their visits. District Collector Kranthi Kumar Padi appreciated the Coimbatore Vizha team for giving students this opportunity.

He said that India is a wonder to other nations as it showed them that people of different language, religion and culture can live together in harmony. He wanted the students to appreciate diversity, respect all religions and learn the best values they teach.

Following his speech, an inter-faith prayer was held and all students participated in it.


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