Modi will make India the world's 3rd largest economy: ACS

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New Justice Party state president A.C. Shanmugam expressed hope that Prime Minister Modi will elevate India to the third largest economy in the world when he takes office as Prime Minister for the 3rd time after the Lok Sabha elections. He spoke on Monday among the party workers in the presence of KS Krupa, district secretary of the party in Erode. 

Later he told reporters: During his tenure, he raised India from 13th to 5th place in the world economy. He will double the Prime Minister's Allowance to Rs 12000 in his 3rd term. He came to Tamil Nadu and brought new projects worth crores of rupees. If DMK had maintained smooth relations with central government and neighboring states, Tamil Nadu would have got many projects, Meghadatu and Palaru dam projects would have been blocked. Currently, the future of the youth of Tamil Nadu is at risk due to the sale of ganja and drugs. 

DMK's Sadiq Bhatsa himself got involved in this issue. Already Tasmac has spoiled people. VK is engaged in smear campaign against Modi regarding Election Commissioner's resignation. Modi has become a world leader to the extent that the US and many other countries are asking him to resolve the wars in Ukraine and Gaza. Here DMK and AIADMK came to power alternately due to the mistakes of their governments. Now, BJP has grown in the state to replace them to the extent that it can ensure the development of the state manifold, so the BJP alliance will win all the 40 constituencies, he said.


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