JCI Madurai Meenakshi Hosts Successful Effective Public Speaking Event

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In a remarkable showcase of learning and empowerment, the Effective Public Speaking (EPS) event, organized by JCI Madurai Meenakshi, unfolded with resounding success at Hotel MOSKVA in Madurai on April 7 - 2024.

The Esteemed Pilot Faculty, Jc Murali Dharan, and Co-Faculty, Jc Nivedha Devi, a diverse cohort of 30 participants from JCI Madurai Meenakshi, alongside eager learners from JCI chapters in Dindugal, Tenkasi, and Nammakal, along with several non-Jaycees, embarked on a journey to hone their public speaking skills.

The Chief Guest ZVP Jc Ukkrapandiyan, The Event Chair person Jc HGF Nithya, President of JCI Madurai Meenakshi, Jc Janani , VP Training along with faculty Team Commencing EPS Inaugural at 9 am and culminating with a valedictory session at 7 pm, the event witnessed a full day of immersive learning experiences. Participants engaged in various activities and exercises tailored to enhance their communication prowess, guided by seasoned facilitators and industry experts.

The transformative impact of the EPS event was palpable, evident not only in the enthusiastic participation witnessed throughout the day but also in the feedback shared by attendees. Many expressed profound satisfaction with the learning process, highlighting tangible improvements in their public speaking abilities.

Reflecting on the success of the event, JCI Madurai Meenakshi is experiencing a revitalization, with efforts underway to further amplify its impact and reach within the community.

As the curtains draw on the EPS event, participants depart with newfound confidence and skills, poised to make meaningful contributions in their personal and professional endeavors. With the momentum gained from this successful gathering, JCI Madurai Meenakshi sets sail on a journey of growth and transformation, embracing the spirit of continuous improvement and empowerment.


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