Sadhguru In Cambodia To Unravel Cultural and Spiritual Depths of The Country

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H.E. SOK Soken, Cambodia's Minister of Tourism, warmly welcomed Sadhguru, Founder- Isha Foundation, at Siem Reap International Airport on Friday. In a notable display of hospitality, the minister presented a personal letter from the Honourable Prime Minister of Cambodia to the renowned Indian guru. Joining the minister were his wife, officials from the Ministry of Tourism, Cambodia, and representatives from the Consulate General of India.

Back in action one month after surgery, this marks Sadhguru's first engagement, where he will be exploring the sciences behind the cultures and temples. His visit extends until April 30, during which he is scheduled to explore the Bayon and Angkor Wat temples in Siem Reap, Cambodia, while immersing himself deeply in the local culture.

Non-aligned to any teaching, philosophy, religion or belief system, Sadhguru has touched millions worldwide through his spiritual and social outreach efforts, spanning environmental causes, rural education and more. Millions of people worldwide have benefited from yoga programs offered by Sadhguru, including his flagship programs – Inner Engineering and Inner Engineering Online – that bring harmony and balance to the human system and enhance perception.

With more than 4.37 billion views across social media in 2023, his exploration of Cambodia will create a unique opportunity for the world to benefit from insights about the country.

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