Amazon launches Multi Channel Fulfilment for Sellers, Retailors, Brands and Manufacturers in India

Business MInutes today announced the launch of Multi-Channel Fulfilment (MCF) in India. With this launch, sellers including D2C brands, manufacturers, and retailers from across industries can revolutionize their fulfillment operations and enhance their customer experience by leveraging Amazon's pan-India presence, state-of-the-art fulfillment centers and logistics capabilities to handle customer orders received from a wide range of sales channels, including their own websites, enabling seamless fulfillment with exceptional speed and convenience. Through MCF, Amazon democratizes customer order fulfilment and enables sellers to expand their market reach in India by leveraging Amazon's extensive coverage of 100% of India's serviceable pin codes (20,000+ pin codes), opening up new business opportunities.

MCF makes it easy for sellers to create orders for their off-Amazon shoppers, track them, and generate tax invoices, while ensuring swift shipping and faster delivery. It simplifies the fulfilment process for sellers, enhances customer experience, and offers opportunities for increased sales. With MCF, sellers can automate their off-Amazon orders, thus removing complexities and simplifying the entire order fulfilment process. Sellers will also benefit from Fulfilment by Amazon – a flexible, affordable, and scalable storage and fulfilment solution spanning across plethora of services offered such as inbound transportation, labelling, storage, order management, pick-pack and shipping services which enables sellers to streamline operations and maximize efficiency.

The challenges of digitization, limited reach, and productivity constraints often hamper the expansion of medium and small-scale brands, along with other challenges like inventory tracking and high shipping costs. Multi-Channel Fulfilment addresses these challenges through comprehensive and best-in-class solution for all their fulfilment needs. It allows sellers to focus on core business activities like product development, marketing, and customer service,” said Vivek Somareddy, Vice President, Fulfilment Channels & Global Trade, Amazon India. “This innovative fulfillment solution ensures super-fast delivery, 24x7 fulfilment of customer orders, and removes the need for inventory pooling for separate sales channel. It’s seamless integration, advanced technology, best in class fulfilment, vast delivery coverage, advanced tracking and comprehensive support enable sellers to thrive in the Indian market. Efficient and reliable fulfillment through Multi-Channel Fulfilment by Amazon can positively impact a seller's brand reputation, leading to increased customer trust and loyalty,” added Vivek.

“It has always been a significant expense and operational burden for us to manage warehouse operations and logistics partners. In particular, during periods of rapid growth, we lacked the time and resources to manage this effectively. As a result of implementing Multi Channel Fulfillment, we have streamlined our fulfillment process across multiple platforms, using Amazon’s end to end fulfilment solution. In addition to reducing our costs, their super-efficient fulfilment and delivery have improved our inventory management across different fulfillment centers, allowing us to better manage our inventory,” said Jayanshu Chaturvedi, Director, Jai Ingredients (Seller on Amazon)

MCF offers key benefits including expanded customer reach, improved order fulfilment, reduced operational complexity, cost and time savings, inventory management, faster shipping, automated order processing and flexibility to fulfil customer orders. Interested sellers can now seize the opportunity to revolutionize their fulfillment operations and enhance their customer experience by leveraging Amazon's Multi-Channel Fulfillment service. Amazon's MCF offers a comprehensive solution at an introductory price as low as INR 59 per order to level the playing field for all sellers.


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