Must visit Dubai restaurants for your holiday itinerary

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Amidst the shimmering skyscrapers and pristine landscapes, Dubai stands as the beating heart of innovation and luxury, captivating global audiences with its unparalleled blend of tradition and modernity. The emirate's dynamic economy and thriving tourism sector have set the stage for a gastronomic revolution, making Dubai a global epicentre for culinary excellence.

As it emerges as a hub for business, leisure, and cultural exchange, the city's culinary landscape reflects a diverse and cosmopolitan spirit. Kashkank by Ranveer Brar - From the lush valleys of Kashmir to the sun-drenched shores of Kanyakumari, from the enchanting North East to the grand deserts of Rajasthan, Kashkan is a voyage to experience India through its culture, festivities, traditions, hospitality and the indelible flavours! It is a culinary odyssey curated by Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar, where he explores India's diverse landscapes and cultures to create a remarkable gastronomic journey. The restaurant is located in Dubai Festival city and is a crowd pleaser with Indian and global travellers.


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